Officiating and Workshop Participation

Officiating and Workshop Participation



  • The students are given every year an Officiating Experience on the field.
  • The student worked for District Sports Office Raigad and they were active members in various committee to help in organizing Maharashtra State Table Tennis Tournament during the year 2012-13.
    The following students were the member:
    Mandar Chavarkar, Ramendra Pal, Satish Thakur, Lavanya Magar, Amar Bhalekar, Jyoti Jadhav, Ashwini Jagtap, Madhavi Patil, Manisha Chandorkar, Taee Mhatre
  • Ms. Madhavi Patil presented Rhythmic Yoga Demonstration during the inaugural function which was appreciated by the District Collector, Sunita Rikame, DSO and various invitees and Teams from various district of Maharashtra. The DSO presented appreciation by awarding special Trophy to her.
  • The student worked as Junior Officials at Raigad District Gymnastic Association during the District Championship, Local Tournaments at Karnala Sports Academy Panvel, Engineering Athletic Meet HOC Rasayani and the various schools’ Annual Sport Meets. During these meets students were involved in Marking 400 mtr. track for various clubs and schools. The Principals from various schools appreciated the efforts taken by student under the leadership of Prof. Satish Shinde.

The Intramural Games

The college conducted Inter House Competition to give Sports Organization Experience to the trainees. Professor Sandeep Shinde was In-charge for the same. Each house were given the responsibility to organize any two games.

The Social and Community Service Initiatives

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”

  • The college helped to conduct Annual Sports for NGO Samannay at Rajiv Gandhi Stadium, Belapur, Navi Mumbai, that works with Physically and Intellectually Challenged Children.
  • The college supported the Raigad District Department of Social Welfare and Rotary Club of Panvel to organize District Annual Sports Meet for the deaf and dumb.
  • The college supported the Raigad District Panchayat Samiti Panvel for the National Mission of Eradication of Polio for Pulse Polio Programme according to their given schedule for the year 2012-13.
  • On Community Service Day organized by Mahatma Education Society, 20 children from Aniket Children’s Home were invited to the Campus and the students and staff spent the entire day engaging the children in games and dance. Gifts and prizes were distributed. The children were very happy and had a wonderful experience.
  • Women are gifted with very special Weapon namely “sixth sense”, which can be used to it for their own advantage. To show the power of women, the college conducted Social Awareness Rally around Khanda Colony on 8th March, 2013. It was co-venture of Teacher Training Colleges of the society, 150 trainee teachers and the staff participated in the rally.

The Active Part of Teacher Trainees in Various Camp

The college conducted Scout and Guide Camp at our own Scout and Guide site at “FRANAV FARM”, Apta Phata, Rasayani from 26th to 28th February. The District Scout Training Commissioner of Mumbai suburb Mr. Bolar, M.A. was the Chief Guest and the Asst. District Scout Commissioner, Mr. Parandwala Santosh, were Guest of Honor and resource person to inaugurate the Camp.

3 Day Camp was conducted to give basic knowledge of scouting and guiding. Mr. Santosh Parandwala took charge as resource person of the camp to make the student understand the following:

1) Movement of Scout and Guide
2) Bharat Scout Movement
3) The importance of scout and guide in school curriculum
4) Various examinations of scout and guide at school level
5) The total syllabus of the scout and guide at school level
6) Practical work of related examination.

The teacher trainee enjoyed the fun and learn skill of Mr. Parandwala. On 3rd day night, during camp fire, trainee teachers were given the social problem related topics to present skit. The trainees came out with wonderful hidden ideas as Aids Awareness, Corruption, Girl Child Birth, The condition of Health care centers, hospitalization and medicine problems in village’s and the benefits of social work.

The following prizes were given:
1) The Best Guide: Ms Bhavna Mane, and Scout : Bandirge Sachin
2) Best Actor and Actress
3) Best Patrol – Hours
4) Hidden Talent – Ms. Ashwini Jagtap
5) Scout: Mr. Zemase Kalpesh.

The trainees then gave Vote of Thanks. They also expressed their special gratitude towards management, staff and Principal for highly informative camp experience, facilities provided by management in camp. They specially mentioned of Principal Dr. Shaikh with them at camp site and her 3 days stay, active part in each and every activity conducted by the camp authority.

The college conducted one day Adventure Camp at Adventure activity site of MES.

The college staff and students were involved in various Officiating Assignments as it was a part of their syllabi. The batch was divided into 4 groups and they were :

  1. Champions’ Group
  2. Achievers’ Group
  3. Challengers’ Group
  4. Warriors’ Group

The following officiating assignments were completed and appreciated by

  • District Sports Officer
    a) Receiving Commonwealth Baton at Panvel
    b) District School Athletic Meet 2010 at H.O.C. International School, Rasayani.
  • 7asidefootballDr. Pillai Global Academy, Panvel, 7 A side Football Tournament for boys and girls were organized by Global Academy which is an yearly feature of the institution.
  • The college helps in conducting the yearly festival of Sports of Karnala Sports Academy which was held from 23rd to 31st. The B.P.Ed. student get practical knowledge of conducting sports and games every year.
  • Malhar Sports Academy – The yearly Meet is organized by the Academy from 2nd to 9th January. The college helps to conduct many events and the B.P.Ed. students get practical knowledge of conducting sports and games every year.
  • annualathleticmeetD.T.Ed. College – Annual Athletic Meet was held on 4th January, 2011.
  • C.B.S.E. International School- Annual Athletic Meet was held on 5th January, 2011.
  • Dr. Pillai Global Academy – Marking of Badminton Court was done by B.P.Ed. students on 5th January, 2011.
    markingofbadminton markingofbadminton1
  • District Institute of Education and Training Inter Collegiate Annual Athletic Meet – 7th January, 2011.